New Born & Child Care Clinic & Vaccination Centre
Guidelines for Parents
There are so many childhood problems which we need to take care of such as Diarrhoea,Common Cold, Fever.
Baby Care
Give only breast milk for six months of life.Do not give water,ghuttis,gripe water,tonics or any other form of milk.
vaccination protects children against serious diseases by stimulating the immune system against disease germs.
Child Safety
Always know what your child is doing.Put your child in playpen or crib if you are not around.

Child Safety

General Safety Tips
Always know what your child is doing
Childproof your home-remove sharp objects & toxic toys
Put your child in playpen or crib if you are not around
Have grills on windows
Ensure that the grill on pedestal fans have small gaps kept at a height out of reach of children
Do not put the baby's pacifiers in a string around her neck.This applies to jwellery also.
Ensure that floor length curtains are well secured
Don't smoke in the house, It can lead to passive smoking
Keep the pacifiers that the baby puts in his mouth clean
Keep Houseplants out of reach of the baby.They could be poisonous.
Cover plug sockets
Do not throw the baby up and down
Check frequently for diaper rash

Kitchen Safety
Don't carry baby when cooking
Remove stove knob so that your baby does not tamper with them
Keep dangerous items out of reach
Put locks on cabinet
Keep garbage tightly covered
Keep cleaning supplies locked up
Wash hand before feeding the baby.Use safe feeding chair.
Know common food allergies
If you use formulas keep the bottles and nipples clean.Discard leftovers
Keep Matches and lighters out of reach
Don't overload electric outlet.Check electric cords for frayed or exposed wires
Teach them the danger of fire
Clean up spills to avoid slipping

Bathroom Safety
Keep the door to the bathroom closed
Put locks on cabinets
Keep dangerous items out of reach.(Bathroom cleaners,razors,shampoo,soap etc)
Unplug electric items
Keep toilet lid locked
Never leave child unattended.Your child can drown in just a few inches of water
Gather All supplies before bath
Keep the immersion rod out of reach
Provide bath toys
Sponge bath until umbilical cord drops
Keep tubspout cover and use nonskid mat
Test water temp,It should not be too hot
To prevent drowning, empty all water from bathtubs and pails

Massaging Tips
A massage should be usually given between two feeds
Do not exert a lot of pressure on the body while massaging

Do not massage the spinal cord,only put your hands over
When massaging an infant who 's head is not steady yet,keep a close watch on her head and hold it with one hand if needed
While massaging an infant's head do not massage on the soft spots at the top of the head and temples
Do not try to shape your baby's nose with gentle strokes on the bridge of the nose.It has a risk of serious injury
If you are using oil,test it on a small area of the skin and watch for a day or two for allergies,before using it all over your baby. Traditionally sesame oil (til oil) has been used for baby massages.

Bedroom Safety
Look for toys that are sturdy,able to be washed,have no sharp edges or easily breakable parts, are large enogh so not able to be swallowed,have no strings attached that could cause strangulation etc.
Lead poisoning-is an important cause of learning disablilities,anemia,growth problems.Brightly coloured toys may be painted with lead-based paints,so make sure you buy toys ofa reputed brand and that your child doesn't put them in his mouth
Toys that encourage hand-eye cordination,motor control, cause and effect,identification of shapes or colours,language development, and creativity are good choices
Lay infant on his or her front to play and his or her back to sleep
Use form mattress,tight sheets
Keep the room temperature comfortable:not too hot not too cold
Make sure the crib is safe:have no more than 2 3/8 inches between the bars:the matress should be firm and fit snugly within the crib
Place the crib away from windows and drafts
Avoid placing fluffy blankets,stuffed animals,or pillows in the crib