New Born & Child Care Clinic & Vaccination Centre
Guidelines for Parents
There are so many childhood problems which we need to take care of such as Diarrhoea,Common Cold, Fever.
Baby Care
Give only breast milk for six months of life.Do not give water,ghuttis,gripe water,tonics or any other form of milk.
vaccination protects children against serious diseases by stimulating the immune system against disease germs.
Child Safety
Always know what your child is doing.Put your child in playpen or crib if you are not around.

Common Problems in New Borns

A new born is a bundle of joy but new parents are usually full of anxiety and questions.
All babies sneeze,yawn,belc,hiccup,pass gas and cry.
Baby can cry if he is hungry,wet,too hot or cold,sleepy or just wants to be picked up.
Keep the baby in a comfortable room not too hot or too cold.Use cotton sheets & cotton clothes only.All new clothes should be washed before use.Give your baby a daily bath,avoid soap on the face,use a mild shampoo on the hair.Cut his nails twice a week.

Potty Time
Babies on breast feeding pass 5-7 soft yellow stools everyday.Somebabies do not pass stools for 2 days which is normal if the stool is soft.

Clean the baby with water or use wet cotton.Avoid soap.Babies sometimes use a lot of force (face becomes red) before passing stool.If the stool is soft this is normal.

A new born baby should pass urine atleast 6-7 times daily.Some babies cry before passing urine which is normal but if there is any local redness or if the stream is not good in a baby boy consult a doctor.

Breast feeding is the best for your baby.Feed every 2-3 hours,each feed should be for atleast 15-20 min.,feed from both the sides.Burp the baby after every feed.

Do not give honey to a child below 1 year of age as it can cause serious poisioning in young babies.

Babies do not need water if they are only on breast milk.Discuss formula /top feeding with your doctor before experimenting on your child.

All babies cry but see a doctor if.

Continious crying & baby is not wet or hot or hungry
Fever/feels hot
Not feeding properly
Loose motions
Difficulty with breathing

Taking preventive injections against diseases like diphtheria,tetanus,whooping cough,Tuberculosis,Hep B,Measles, Meningities,Mumps,Rubella,Hep A,Chicken Pox,Polio & Typhoid is very essential.

Timely vaccination is every child's birth right.Any queries should be discussed with your doctor.

Well Baby Visits
Vaccination visits are also well baby visits.Your child specialist records your child's growth,looks at his development and lets you know if he/she is doing fine. Suggestion for better care of the child will be given and problems.(sometimes unknown to parents) like anaemia,poor growth will be picked up and advise to correct them will be given to parents.Advise for starting semisolids,top feeds,feeding schedule etc. will be discussed with parents.