New Born & Child Care Clinic & Vaccination Centre
Guidelines for Parents
There are so many childhood problems which we need to take care of such as Diarrhoea,Common Cold, Fever.
Baby Care
Give only breast milk for six months of life.Do not give water,ghuttis,gripe water,tonics or any other form of milk.
vaccination protects children against serious diseases by stimulating the immune system against disease germs.
Child Safety
Always know what your child is doing.Put your child in playpen or crib if you are not around.

Breastfeeding Tips

Breastfeeding should be initiated within half hour of birth and frequency should be on demand both during day and night.
Ensure at least 8-12 feedings in a day (24 hrs.)
Exclusive breastfeeding should be practiced in the first six month of life
One could breast feed in one of the breastfeeding posttions shown below
See signs of proper latching (shown below)